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Section 1.01 Title
This ordinance shall be known as the Snoqualmoo Tribal Hunting Ordinance under the Point Elliott Treaty of 1855.

Section 1.02 Purpose
The purpose of the Ordinance is to regulate the Treaty Hunting activities of the Snoqualmoo Tribal Hunters and to protect the Treaty Hunting/Wild Game & conservation efforts resource of the Snoqualmoo Nation through effective management.

Section 1.03 Jurisdiction
This ordinance and any regulations adopted pursuant to it shall extend to all open permitted private land and unclaimed hunting areas lands reserved by the Snoqualmoo Nation under the treaty of Point Elliott and to all persons eligible to hunt pursuant to Section 1.04 below.

Section 1.04 Eligible Persons
(a) Only enrolled members of the Snoqualmoo Nation and the spouse of an enrolled member may hunt under the authority of the ordinance and the regulations promulgated there under.
(b) An enrolled member of the Snoqualmoo Nation must be legally married to spouse and reside or live in the same household for spouse to be able to participate in the treaty hunting rights.
(c) An enrolled member who allows a non-enrolled person other than spouse to assist in a treaty hunting contrary to the provisions of this ordinance shall be in subject to the penalties set in the Snoqualmoo Law and Order Code. A non-enrolled person found exercising treaty hunting rights of the Snoqualmoo Nation shall be presumed to be engaged in illegal hunting and shall be referred to appropriate authorities for prosecution.
(d) Only Tribal Members/Spouses (18) eighteen years of age or older may exercise the Snoqualmoo Treaty Hunting as set there under. Children of the Snoqualmoo Nation under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian of at least 18 years of age.

Section 1.05
This ordinance is civil in nature.

Section 1.06 Regulations
The Tribal Council of the Snoqualmoo Nation may adopt regulations as necessary to implement this ordinance. Such regulations shall be available for State or Federal Agencies inspection at the governmental offices of the Snoqualmoo Nation during normal working hours. Regulations issued under this section shall contain a statement of their effective date, which shall be not less than thirty days after the date they were adopted.

Section 1.07 enforcement
An enforcement proceeding may be initiated either by the issuance of a violation notice by an enforcement officer duly authorized by the Snoqualmoo Nation or by the filing of a complaint by a private citizen. Complaints and violation notices may be filed with the Judge/Hearing Panel in the manner provided for in the Snoqualmoo Law and Order Code or with Tribal Court.

Section 1.08 Penalties for Violation
The maximum civil penalty which may be imposed for violation of any section of this ordinance shall be a fine not to exceed $500.00 plus forfeiture of the right to exercise Snoqualmoo Tribal hunting rights for a period of up to one year. Any equipment or weapons used in the commission of a violation may be confiscated and wild game shall be donated to the Snoqualmoo Nation.


Section 2.01 Identification and Permits Required
Any member of the Snoqualmoo Nation hunting under Snoqualmoo Tribal Hunting rights shall have in his/her possession a current Tribal Identification and/or enrollment card issued by the Snoqualmoo Tribal Chairperson or Tribal regulation.

Section 2.02 Closed Seasons
It shall be a violation for any person to hunt during closed season as established by this ordinance or regulations issued there under.

In order to protect gestating deer and elk, the season is closed to the killing of female deer or elk from February 1 to August 14 of each year except by special permit issued by the Snoqualmoo Tribal Council, Chairperson or Fish and Game Manager.

Section 2.03 Possession of Game Taken in Closed Season
It shall be a violation of this ordinance for any person to possess any game bird or animal killed during the closed season except by special permit that was issued by the Snoqualmoo Fish and Game.

Section 2.04 Closed Areas
It shall be a violation to hunt in any area closed to hunting by this ordinance or Tribal regulation.

Section 2.05 Use of Spotlights Prohibited
It shall be a violation to hunt using a spotlight or any other artificial light of any kind except by special permit.

Section 2.06 Hunting from Aircraft
It shall be a violation to hunt any game animal from any airborne conveyance.

Section 2.07 Hunting While Intoxicated
It shall be unlawful to hunt with firearms while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or other mind altering unlawful drugs.

Section 2.08 Wasting Game
It shall be unlawful to intentionally waste any game animal or bird after killing it/them.

Section 2.09 Harvest Report Required
Any person who has killed game through the exercise of the Snoqualmoo Tribal Hunting rights shall report the number of game animals killed to the Snoqualmoo Nation within one week after the date such animals are taken.

This report should be sent to Michael Snyder, 5926 Sunnyside Blvd., Marysville WA 98270 within 60 days of the kill.

Section 2.10 Citations by the State of Washington to Tribal members.
All citations that the State of Washington issues to a tribal member must be sent to the Tribal counsel, so the counsel can be involved, and give assistance to the member.


Section 3.01 Permit Required for Ceremonial Hunting
Ceremonial permits will be issued year around by the Snoqualmoo Fish and Game.