Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Mechanical Keyboard

Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Mechanical Keyboard They are designed to be more durable than most types of keyboards, come in tons of different colors, layouts, backlights, and switches. But before you make the investment in a new keyboard here are some things you need to know before buying one.

Advantages of mechanical keyboards

  • Mechanical keyboards are very durable.
  • A variety of colors and layouts are available.
  • Mechanical keyboards are good for low hand fatigue.
  • It’s quieter when typing than on a regular keyboard.
  • It has an additional key retention feature that prevents keys from being pressed.
  • A mechanical keyboard with a macro function is convenient.

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Disadvantages of mechanical keyboards

  • Mechanical keyboards are expensive.
  • It takes relatively longer to get used to than a regular keyboard.

mechanical keyboard type

Mechanical keyboards can be divided into different types based on the switches they use. The most common types are:


these are found in most “typical” keyboards. Keys will bottom out which feels like a bump when you type and the keys do not require much force to press down.


It’s the cheapest of the three mechanical keyboards, but it’s less durable. It doesn’t last as long as other kinds of mechanical keyboards.


switch or rubber dome – This type is found in laptop computers and some desktop computers. It has a mechanical stabilizer that keeps the key from hitting multiple contact points which causes a loud clicking noise due to the use of plastic parts.

Mechanical switches

these are found in most mechanical keyboards. They are designed to be more durable than other types of keyboards. This kind of keyboard has metal contacts and springs beneath each individual key, making them easier to type on and more durable.

Cherry MX key switches

Cherry MX is the most popular series of key switches which have a gold crosspoint switch beneath each individual key, making them designed to last up to 50 million presses.

They come in different colors with red being the least “bumpy” and blue being a clear favorite among gamers. There are also two other classes of mechanical switches which are louder than the Cherry MX series. These include:


These switches use a rubber dome to prevent each key from touching multiple contacts at the same time. It is very quiet compared to other types of mechanical keyboards. Using rubber on the keyboard makes it much less durable than Cherry MX keyboards.


These switches are very similar to Cherry MX keys. The real difference is that they produce a higher-pitched sound as you type. They also cost quite a bit more than most other types of mechanical keyboards.

mechanical keyboard keycaps

The keycaps are what you press to type on the keyboard, and they come in different sizes which can affect both comfort and typing speed. The most common types of keycap shape include:


these have a larger surface area for easier contact when typing so it’s easy to type on and they are also easier to press down. These kinds of keycaps can, however, lead to faster finger fatigue if you type for long periods of time because the increased surface area means that more force is required when typing.


these keys have a split in the middle which helps with typing accuracy. They also provide tactile feedback which makes it easy to know when you’ve pressed a key without having to look at the keyboard.


these keys provide no tactile feedback and they also require more force to press down, so your fingers are tired more quickly. They are, however, more comfortable for home use because there is less noise involved when typing with them.

Palm rest

A palm rest is an essential component for any mechanical keyboard. It provides a place for your keyboard to rest and also prevents you from putting stress on the muscles in your forearm which can lead to discomfort after long periods of typing.

Most standard keyboards don’t come with a palm rest, but they are available as an accessory if you’re looking for a more comfortable typing experience.

price of mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are typically very expensive, but if you’re looking for one that is less expensive then you might want to consider looking for a keyboard with Cherry MX switches because they are designed to last up to 50 million presses.

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A lot of people buy mechanical keyboards these days. Because the design is good and the feel is good. Mechanical keyboards have excellent communication speed. Newer mechanical keyboards make up for the shortcomings of the past. Please read the article above and keep it in mind when purchasing a mechanical keyboard.

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