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Recommended wireless mouse

Wireless mice are on the rise. They’ve been around for a while, but they were never as popular as their wired counterparts. This is because there is always something to be aware of when using a wireless mouse. Battery drain, the delay between pressing a button and seeing it register on the screen…

But these days, there are products that offer varying degrees of responsiveness and connectivity without sacrificing battery life or reliability. That means you only need one great model to get rid of wires completely!

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What is a wireless mouse and what are the benefits of using one

A wireless mouse is a type of computer mouse that receives its operating power from a USB dongle, from an RF receiver built into the computer, or from a standard AA or AAA battery.

The benefits of using wireless devices are clear – there’s no messy cable to deal with and you can use your computer in relative freedom compared to being hooked up to it. Some wireless mice are designed for right-handed use, others are ambidextrous, and some can even be adjusted for left or right-handed users.

Why you should use a wireless mouse

easy to use

People with disabilities, the elderly, or anyone else who might have a hard time using a traditional mouse can benefit from wireless models. Many wireless mice also come equipped with adjustable sensitivity so you can set them according to your specific needs and preferences.

Wireless devices are plentiful

Wireless mice are just one of many wireless devices on the market and are becoming more and more popular. Keyboards, speakers, headphones – anything that needs to be connected to a computer can now be done wirelessly thanks to advances in technology.

Battery life is better than ever

With previous generations, it was always something of a gamble whether or not you’d get enough battery life out of your wireless mouse, and the more features it had like an adjustable pointer speed or sensitivity, the less time you could expect to go before having to replace them. But in recent years we’ve seen great leaps in power conservation technology which means that wireless mice can now last many months or even years on a single charge.

Wireless mouse technology is improving

Wireless mice used to have a reputation for lagging behind their wired counterparts but nowadays they’re just as responsive and reliable as any old-fashioned corded device, and in some cases even more so. Even if you opt for a simple model, wireless mice have become so advanced that you won’t even notice the difference from a wired one.

Wireless devices are more portable

You can take your mouse wherever your laptop goes without having to worry about accidentally tugging out a cable or tripping over it and stretching the connection inside. Wireless mice are very lightweight and compact which makes them a great candidate for carrying along wherever you go.

How to use a wireless mouse

Before you can properly enjoy the benefits of owning a wireless mouse, there are some things you need to do first just like with any other computer accessory.

USB receiver

Uncover your USB receiver/transmitter port and plug in the dongle. This is usually located along one side of the laptop on the underside or inside of the wrist.

power on

Turn on your wireless mouse by pressing the power button, usually located along the top near one edge.


Press and hold down the pairing button until you see a light begin to blink which signals that it is in pairing mode.

Add device

Open up your computer’s settings panel and look for the mouse section. Click on it, select Add a Mouse or Other Pointing Device under installation type.

Driver software installation

A new window with an empty list of devices will appear with a search bar to its right. You can either click Search automatically for the updated driver software or Browse my computer for driver software depending on the version of Windows you’re running.

last course

Select the device whose name is Wireless Mouse in the list that will appear in the drop-down menu below if it does not already say so. Click Next to continue. Follow any further instructions or prompts that may appear on your computer screen until the installation is complete.

The best brands of mice on the market today

Wireless mouse technology has come a long way in recent years, and so has the number of companies manufacturing them. It should come as no surprise that some mice are better than others, and if you’re looking to find the best possible wireless mouse for your money here are three brands worth checking out before making up your mind.


Even though Microsoft is perhaps best known for their line of Surface laptops and tablet PCs, they also make great wireless mice. They feature the same design that all their products share: a mixture of glass and metal that looks sleek and modern with no visible logos or branding. This clean aesthetic extends to its software as well, meaning using one is always an enjoyable experience.


Logitech has become one of the most trusted names in computer peripherals because they pride themselves on offering products that are both affordable and high-quality. Their wireless mice are no exception to this rule, making them very popular amongst consumers all over the world.


Dell may not be known for its hardware but that doesn’t mean they can’t compete with the big names on the market. They offer simple, affordable options best suited for casual users who don’t need any more than basic functionality.

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Our recommendations on the best mice for each budget

As with most products, wireless mice don’t all cost the same. Depending on your budget and what you need it for you can get one that has just about any feature you want. For casual users who only want a basic mouse with no bells or whistles, these are some options to consider.

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3600

Available for as little as $20, the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3600 is a simple yet reliable option. It features a sleek and elegant design with no visible buttons or branding whatsoever thanks to its ambidextrous layout and rounded edges. The device connects easily and requires no software installation whatsoever.

Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse

For a more customizable experience with a higher price to match, the Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse is a great option. With a range of up to thirty feet and built-in batteries that allow for over two years of use without having to be replaced, this mouse costs around $30 but is well worth it.

Dell WM514 Wireless Mouse

For around $40, Dell’s WM514 wireless mouse has a great design and a lot of features. It offers two thumb buttons for extra features and adjustable tracking speed.

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